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Janaani Fertility team working flawless to improve the quality of services which we provide.The competitive medical team supporting staff, friendly environment, Transparent treatment protocols and ethical practise is the merit of our clinic. At Janaani Fertility centre the patient can be sure that their treatment protocol is proven and tailor made. It’s designed under consideration of patient physical and psychological needs. We treat the patient at most standard and respect. “It’s our dream to bring the fertility care to every needy couple in Hyderabad at the affordable cost”. We strongly believe in team approach.In infertility care from Appointment to Treatment is a team effort, in that we involve, couples, Doctors, Embryologist, Endocrinologist, Andrologist, Counsellor, Nutritionist, Nurses and Front office executives. Our team flawlessly work to make patients comfortable at all time throughout the treatment. We are always tried to add some colour to your life by adding a child.

In vitro fertilisation (IVF) is process of achieving success fulfertilization in lab, and the fertilized embryos are transferred into the woman’s uterus.

We are thankful for the medical advancement, ICSI is one the most successful treatment for male factor infertility.

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Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESA/PESA) ,. Electro ejaculation, Vibrator facility

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Male Fertility Clinic

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We have suffered a lot for the last 6 years as we were not blessed with children.After undergoing IVF treatment with Dr.Anitha vinod Madam we so happy as we are blessed with a child. Our humble thanks to the entire team and especially Dr.Anitha Vinod & janani fertility centre. Many doctors told that we may not conceive a child. our dream of having a child came true with Dr.Anitha Vinod Madam. We pray to god that Dr.Anitha Madam should see more success in her future carrier. The team also was excellent during the entire course of our treatment moreover they are cooperative & informative & helpful us to follow Dr.Anitha Madam guidelines.Today we are holding a child in our hands with the blessings of Dr.Anitha Vinod.


I am T.Divya & My husband name is T.Anil from last 3yrs I am facing with children problem and my relatives advised to contact Dr.Anitha Madam and all tests are done and first time IUI has done had good result. We are extremely happy with Dr.Anitha Vinod & fertility centre. Dr. Anitha Madam was very professional & competent & also handles entire team very well. The team's cooperation was unforgettable. we would recommoend about this fertility centre to children couple. This is the right place for the childless couples. "Now I am full Happy" Thanking you,

Divya [9640541756]

I am R.Pandu Reddy & my wife name is sirisha from last three years my wife is facing with PCOD problem and my relatives advised to contact Anitha Madam and all tests are done and two times IUI has done and result was negative and then after we went to IVF their was and first time only we got positive result finally we all thankful to Anitha Vinod Madam & staff. The staff are good in giving much better treatment and we are thankful to each and everyone and finally we are happy & thankful to madam.

Sirisha Pandureddy [9110565609]

I am Mamatha w/o Narsimha, my marriage 5years, I am having problem tube block 3years on after hospital treatment, laproscopic and IVI 3 times not pregency. First sree fertility Ameerpet and Habsiguda padmaja doctor laproscopic 2years waiting not pregency. Later time Janani Fertility first time IVI not pregency. Later IVF treatment first time IVF Negative, second time IVF Positive & my family very very happy. Janani fertility & doctors, staff are good. God Bless You. Thanks!

Mamatha [9951797227]